Inline Garden Hose Filters

APSP Inline Garden Hose Filter is an essential tool for starting up Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs and Spas. The all purpose filter is a unique way to open with fresh, clean and mineral free water.The APSP filter is a combination of granular activated carbon (GAC) and a reduction/oxidation media that is classified by the EPA as a bacteriostatic. The combination media reduces or eliminates these contaminants:Other contaminants:

Heavy Metals: Other contaminants:
Mercury Chlorine and its by products (THM’s)
Lead Volatile Organic Contaminates (VOC’s)
Iron Hydroneg Sulfide (rotton egg smell)
Copper Floride
Cadmium Nitrate
Barium Arsenic
Chromium VI Endrin
Chromium III Lindane
Salenium Mathoxychlor